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From Social Security along belt down, the socialist thought that citizens have a right to a living, healthcare, etc. has been incorporated into democracies. And this works despite all the screaming libertarians do about information technology. A government is non socialist unless IT controls the means of production. In other words, thither is no buck private business. Where is that happening? North Korea, peradventur? Countries naturally evolve into capitalist economy. But that cool 2 player games doesn’t mean they can’t choose to submit worry of their citizens. There is real ignorance in the U.S. near subsidised health care a organism antiophthalmic factor politics plat. The Scandinavian countries take much meliorate sociable refuge nets than America does, and their economies ar still doing swell. Writing scarey articles about how awful Socialism is, supported along the Soviet Union, is ridiculous. What to take in out for is wannabe strong hands World Health Organization try to take o'er countries and unravel them for their have profit. Kind of wish Donald Trump..

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